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Monday, December 16, 2013

Tears of War

Tears of WarTears of War (Dragon's Call, #2)
by A. D. Trosper

1,456 pages
Published September 12, 2013

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

"Old things come again and new things surface."

Faced with a looming war, the riders have no choice but to leave the safety of Galdrilene and reach out to the nations for help. But the Shadow Riders are doing the same and not all nations are opposed to their rule.

New discoveries are made, old wounds are reopened and betrayal hides among welcoming smiles.

As one nation begins to unravel it's clear that some choices, even those made with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences.

* * *

After reading the first book of Dragon's Call, perhaps my expectations were a bit high. While Tears of War was interesting I felt it didn't quite live up to Embers at Galdrilene.

One of the reasons for this is that, with the introduction of even more characters, it got hard to keep straight who was who. I found myself getting confused more often than not. Perhaps this could have been helped if there had been the customary summary at the start of the book that reminds readers what happened in the first book. However, I think a character glossary at the beginning of the book would have been ideal.

Now that I've gotten my big negative out of the way . . .

The characters in this series are very interesting, and it's fun to get to know them even better. There's clearly - just from the title - more of a war coming, and we get a great battle scene near the end of the book where we learn just how serious this is, and that no one is guaranteed to make it through to the end of the series.

Obviously, the rest of this world is going to have to learn of the good dragons, as a war between the black dragons and the colored ones will be loud and obvious. One village in particular befriends the colored dragons and their riders, and I enjoyed watching these people (especially the children) interact with them.

There's one "mystery" in this book that I wish had been resolved. One of the riders is kidnapped, and it's more than hinted that there's a traitor in the midst of the Dragon Riders. Now, to me it felt very glaringly obvious who this traitor is (although it's always possible I'm wrong!), but it didn't come to a head in this book. Hopefully in the next installment, that will be gotten out of the way quickly.

If you enjoy fantasy, or dragons, or magic, this would be a good book for you to check out!

4/5 stars

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Rory (The Ghosts of Palladino, #1)Rory (The Ghosts of Palladino, #1)
by Ciye Cho

344 Pages
Published August 10, 2013

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Far beyond heaven, earth and hell is a city known as Palladino, a place ruled by ghosts and filled with demons, magic, and all sorts of darkly beautiful things. A city where no one can ever escape.

Eighteen-year-old Rory is a cake decorator who makes stunning confections. But no amount of frosting or miracles can save her when a demon kidnaps her—and carries her to Palladino. Here, Rory ends up in a deadly charm school where young women are forced to become companions for the Ghost Lords. And for her to survive, Rory must become everything that she isn’t: graceful, elegant... and perfect.

But nothing is what it seems in Palladino. Not the magic. Not the ghosts. And definitely not Martin Marius, the bizarre Ghost Lord-slash-inventor who is drawn to Rory. For amid a thousand machines and a hundred cats, Martin holds a secret that could change everything. A secret that could either free Rory... or destroy her.

* * *

As always, Mr. Cho's imagination shines brightly in this new series. As with his previous books, he takes us on a fascinating ride.

That said, I have to admit that while there are some really fantastic sections of this book, there are some that I could have done without. Although there are probably plenty of people who love the parts that felt to me as if they were dragging their feet.

One of the mysteries we're presented with at the start of the book - Rory's mother insisting Rory wasn't safe in the dark because of the monsters who come to spirit away young girls - was never explained. We have no idea exactly what her mother knew and how she knew it. I'm hopeful this will be resolved in the next book and is one of those tidbits meant to draw us on to the next chapter of the story.

This is a bit of a quirky read, and I mean that in the best way possible. And I really enjoyed the way Rory wasn't able to abandon who she was and fall in line with the other girls, it made her more realistic. Also, I loved the cake decorating talent!

3.5/5 stars

Monday, December 9, 2013

Moon Child

Moon Child (By Blood, #2)Moon Child (By Blood, #2)
by Tracy E. Banghart

Published February 18, 2013

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Before Emma's adventures in Oxford, her best friend Diana came face-to-face with a killer...

Diana Calvert is so over high school. Who cares if Olivia hates her? And David needs to forget about having a crush on her STAT. Even Emma’s crazy fashion choices can’t keep Diana entertained. All she can hope for is a dance scholarship to a college as far away as possible from too-small, too-boring, too-nothing-ever-happens New Freedom, PA.

Then Diana meets Nicholas Woodhaven. He’s pale, angry…yet weirdly charming. The more time they spend together, the more she wonders who – or what – he really is. Because he isn’t anything like the other guys she knows. Not with the whole only-going-out-at-night thing. And living with his creepy aunt. And not going to school.

Just when Diana thinks she’s got Nicholas all figured out, people in her small, nothing-ever-happens town start dying. She has to wonder – can she trust him? And even more alarming – could she be next?

A murder mystery with a paranormal twist, Moon Child is best read under the covers with a flashlight...if you dare!

* * *

While this is the second book in the series, it's not necessary to have read the first book before this one! In fact, since this book falls chronologically before the first book, some people may prefer to read this one first.

I have to say, I really liked Diana. I enjoyed the fact that she had much more of a healthy, typical family than so many characters in books - I found it rather refreshing. I say typical, but really the family has enough quirks to keep them interesting. . . .

Now, from the blurb, I'm guessing you jumped to the vampire conclusion. Well, it had been a while since I'd read the blurb when I picked up the book, so I got to the part where things were leaning in that direction. My response: Seriously, another vampire book? But then there was a fun twist that made it more interesting, and kept it from falling into the way-overdone same-ness that so many books these days have.

That said, I'm not big into spoilers, so I'm not going to say much more. I will say this: while Moon Child isn't one of my all-time favorite books (that list is very hard to crack into), it was interesting, and there's a decent chance I'll read it again. Ms. Banghart is a great storyteller, which means she could probably write a good book with any theme. I'm interested to see what she does next!

3.5/5 stars

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dawn of the Knight

Product DetailsDawn of the Knight
by Robert Beck

248 Pages
Published August 10, 2013

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

"One honorable young man can make all the difference..."

In this thrilling and suspenseful action/romance novel, a fatherless Canadian high school boy, Lance Rock, has been raised and trained by the United States government’s former top operative. For his senior year, Lance decides to travel to California in the hope of finding a girlfriend as well as freedom from his regimented life. Once there, he inadvertently ends up in the home of a mother and her two teenage daughters. He is forced to use his skills to defend them and himself from the woman’s ex-husband—a crime lord who has been terrorizing the family for over a decade!

* * *

 This almost felt like two books: The one it wanted to be, and the one it actually was.

It took me a while to get into this one. I felt the opening was extremely weak: The first big chunk of the book happens while the MC sits in an airport. That's right, he's sitting still in an airport. He's looking at a scrapbook, and it sends him into all sorts of recollections. Yes, the info we learn is good, we get to know the character, etc., but NOTHING is happening to progress the story. It's all backstory that could be learned in other ways.

Once we get to the "main" part of the story, I hoped things would be a whole lot better. But the MC, Lance Rock, is beyond clueless (this is part of his backstory, and he has no experience in the "real" world beyond what one friend can offer) - so much so that it's extremely unbelievable.

Lance, as a character, wants to be a good guy, looking out for those around him and protecting those who are "weak." The last 1/4 (maybe) of the book actually became enjoyable for me.

This is a no-thinking-required book, and if I'd gone into it with lower expectations, I think I could have liked the corniness. But I do think said corniness was unintentional.

2/5 stars

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Order of the Seers Highlight

Order of the Seers (Order of the Seers, #1)  The Red Order (Order of the Seers, #2)

Order of the Seers FLASH Bookblast!!  
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What would you do if you held
infinite power
in the palm of your hand?

Order of the Seers begins with the journey of Liam and Lilith Knight, a brother and sister who are hunted by The Guild, a ruthless world organization that seeks to capture and exploit Lilith's unique ability as a Seer to envision the future. Soon after they are forced to leave their home, Lilith and Liam discover that she is not alone. Other Seers like Lilith are routinely kidnapped and enslaved by the Guild for the purpose of consolidating wealth and power around the world... see more on Goodreads

In The Red Order, Book II in the Order of the Seers Trilogy:

The Lost Seers embark upon a world-wide mission to save their kind from the tyranny of the Guild and unveil their greatest weapon -  Developed in secret, The Restoration Project has the potential to awaken the supernatural ability within every man, woman, and child on earth and bring down the very foundation of the Guild’s power and authority.

But the Guild has other plans. Driven by the necessity for control, Crane Le Dieu creates The Red Order... see more on Goodreads.

Order of the Seers
Chapter 1: The End

Sunday, June 22, 2008 

Liam was losing his patience. “Aw, come on! Are you serious? You can’t
want to ride this thing again!”

Instead of answering her older brother, Lilli remained in her seat as
the Ferris wheel conductor looked on expectantly, hand outstretched and
waiting for another two tokens.

The way Lilli’s skinny arms hugged her book bag while she stared
blankly at the pressed metal floor of their “Fairy Land Caboose” made it
hard for Liam to stay angry. The sight of her looking so dejected softened
him enough to give the conductor his fifth set of tokens in less than 45
minutes. Liam settled back into his seat just as the lap bar clamped down
uncomfortably against his thighs.

“Lilli, say something. Why’d you drag me out here if you were just gonna
sulk? I hate the carnival, you know that.”

“I know something… okay? Just… trust me. We have to stay here.” Her
voice was so low he could barely hear her over the wind-up music that was
blaring from the overhead speakers.

“Did Mom say something to you?”

Lilli responded to his question with silence and a barely discernable
shake of her head back and forth. He tried again.

“Lilli! Did Mom…?”

“Yes,” she snapped.

They both fell silent again as Liam took in the latest weird thing of the
day. Lilith Knight, or Lilli as she preferred to be called, had always been
strange. Even when she was five, she could beat Liam at chess lazily, without
even thinking about it. She would find things and give them to you before
you asked for them. Before you, or even she, knew why. Up until recently,
he thought she was just a freak. No biggie. All little sisters are like that, he told

It was only in the past few months that his perception of her began
to shift, after her prediction that he would catch his new girlfriend, Krista,
kissing his teammate Lance in the locker room after their championship
game. At the time, he’d brushed off her premonition as meddling. Krista
wasn’t even his girlfriend and his team was 1-1 with the whole basketball
season ahead of them.

He’d forgotten her warning completely until two months later when he
ran back into the locker room after winning the championship to get the
jacket he’d left behind and immediately smelled Krista’s perfume. When he
found them, two thoughts overshadowed the scene unfolding in front of
him. The first was that what they were doing wasn’t really “kissing,” though
he could see how a sheltered thirteen-year-old would describe it that way.
His second thought was that Lilli was right; she was exactly right. He was so
stunned by Lilli’s accuracy that he didn’t even bother to disturb them, leaving
his new ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend to their business. From that
moment, Liam understood that Lilli wasn’t just a freak, or more accurately,
that she wasn’t a freak at all. She was special…gifted.

The sound of Lilli’s sniffling followed by the trembling of her body
as she began to cry uncontrollably broke the long silence that had fallen
between them. What the…, Liam half-mumbled as his mind swung from
irritation to absolute bewilderment. Slowly and deliberately, Liam moved his
palms down the front of his face as he fought the urge to shake the truth
right out of her and end whatever this was. But he couldn’t. She’s so brittle
already, he thought, without any idea as to why. So instead, he reached out
to envelop his sister in his arms, trying to soothe her and comfort her from
some unknown force.

“Lilli, it’s all right. I’m sorry, okay? Don’t cry. Just… tell me what’s going
on. Why are we here?”

Continue Chapter 1 of Order of the Seers HERE.  Read Chapter 1-2 of The Red Order HERE.

My name is Cerece Rennie Murphy, but, among my 5 siblings, I am known and teased by my superhero name, Wonder Worry, (and yes, I am a little worried about your reaction to what I just said). While in my youth, I used my superpower to whip minor setbacks into epic tragedies in 60 seconds flat, I no longer have the time to hone the skills I once possessed, which were handed down to me VERY CAREFULLY by my mother and her mother before. 

Instead of spending my days imagining worst case scenarios, I am now on the front lines of true disaster prevention – treading the fine line between boo-boos and permanent brain damage, fighting crimes of curiosity, omission, absent-mindedness and sleep deprivation. I carry others down the winding, bumpy road of youth that starts out at the nexus of unique and brilliant but intersects with narcissistic serial killer at some distant point I hope fervently to avoid. As you might have guessed, I am a wife and mother of 2 small children. Luckily, my family lights up the sky so I never stumble too hard or lose my way.

I would lament the luxury of needless worry, but alas, I don’t have the energy. As I write this, I am losing a battle fought between my trusty sponge and a hardened glob of half-eaten cheese that traveled from the kitchen to the living room rug in the palm of a very small, but mischievous hand. Its stronghold on the fibers suggests occupancy of at least 2 days, but I’ll never know for sure. Rather than despair, I’ve chosen to retreat to my keyboard, noting that I have won the war - most of the rug is un-cheesed. 

Before I worried. Now, I write. 

I look forward to slowly, quietly, in my own shy way, becoming a part of this community. If you would like to get to know me and my work a bit better, you can visit me... 

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An Imperfect Witch


An Imperfect Witch An Imperfect Witch (Witch Central, #1)
by Debora Geary

250 Pages
Published September 18, 2013

The tattoos on your heart matter more than the ones on your skin.

Two years ago, Lizard Monroe was Berkeley's newest delinquent on parole. Now she's a hot young realtor with a great life, an awesome guy, and enough friends to chase away the ghosts of her past.


The crystal ball has spoken - life isn't done messing with her yet. And neither is the need brewing in the eyes of the man she loves.

The eve of Halloween approaches. And whatever the sexy poet realtor wants to believe, moving beyond your past isn't the same as facing the future.

This is the first book in my new Witch Central series, featuring my well-loved clan of modern witches and those who love them. Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave.

* * *

Ah, Lizard. I'm beyond excited that Ms. Geary's newest book revolves around Lizard. (I know I keep saying things about "one of my favorite characters" - and you're probably thinking that every one of these characters is a favorite. Well, not every one, but I will admit there are a lot of them.)

I love the way Lizard finds a teen who's almost living on the streets and tries to help this girl the way Witch Central has helped her. And this teen will throw all sorts of wrenches into Lizard's life. As will a number of other things, by the way.

As with all the other books my Ms. Geary, I was unable to put this down until I was done - and was left wishing for more.

5/5 stars

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Witches in Flight


Witches in Flight (WitchLight Trilogy #3)Witches in Flight (WitchLight Trilogy, #3)
by Debora Geary

413 Pages
Published March 26, 2012

Ghosts from Lizard's past--and the man who wants to be her future.

The empty places in Elsie's soul--and the temptations of raspberry-laced courage.

Walk once more with Jennie's students as they come to the end of their WitchLight journeys.

 * * *

I need more!  I just can't leave these characters!  I'm so happy that the new series addresses this issue!  Seeing how Lizard and Elsie have made their journey and uncovered potential has been wonderful!  It's so fun to see what might be in store for each of them.  It's a good reminder that change and opportunity can come in many shapes and sizes.   Even when it seems scary, we can help each other through.  I love Jennie's insight and the people she chooses to assist her.  Wonderful writing!

5/5 stars

Monday, October 28, 2013

Witches Under Way


Witches Under Way (WitchLight Trilogy #2)Witches Under Way (WitchLight Trilogy, #2)
by Debora Geary

419 Pages
Published January 26, 2012

Lizard and Elsie are under way, but the WitchLight journey isn't an easy one.

There are bumps and obstacles inside their own hearts.

There are meddling witches, helpful knitters, and a fearsome duo with water pistols.

And there is the greatest challenge of all... the one they will pick for each other.

* * *

I love this portion of Lizard and Elsie's stories.  Both are struggling and trying to work things out.  What they don't expect is the way their stories weave together.  They find ways to help each other and by so doing, learn more about themselves.  We should all be doing that!  The sense of community and people rallied to help these women find their way is wonderful!  I want to move in too!

5/5 stars

Friday, October 25, 2013

Witches on Parole


Witches on Parole (WitchLight Trilogy #1)Witches on Parole (WitchLight Trilogy, #1)
by Debora Geary

421 Pages
Published September 13, 2011

World-famous (and now retired) photographer Jenvieve Adams has a debt to repay—and a soft spot for witches who have lost their way. Or so she thinks, until they actually show up.

Join some of the cast of characters from the very successful A Modern Witch series as they take on a new kind of journey as guides for WitchLight. What happens when an obsessive psychologist and a wordsmithing delinquent get dropped into Witch Central?

Note: Witches on Parole is a spin-off trilogy, set in the world of the A Modern Witch series. This trilogy can be enjoyed on its own, but if you haven’t yet read A Modern Witch, you might consider doing so—many of the characters featured in Witches on Parole get their start in the main series. For those who are already fans of the main series, this book falls between book 2 and 3, but can easily be read anytime after book 1.

* * *

Oh, dear. I wish I lived in these books. While that about sums it up, I'll go on. Just because I can. :)

We first meet Aunt Jennie - an amazing-beyond-imagining photographer. Then, rather quickly, Lizard and Elsie arrive on-scene. And what an impression they make!

Lizard loves words, has impressive tattoos, and a love for cooking (make your biscuits by shredding frozen butter - Lizard swears by it!). Oh, and she's on parole.

Elsie is a tight-laced psychologist looking for an opportunity for service - she certainly doesn't expect the experience she's in for!

5/5 stars

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Lost Witch

A Lost Witch (A Modern Witch, #7)A Lost Witch (A Modern Witch, #7)
by Debora Geary

269 Pages
Published June 19, 2013

Hannah Kendrick has spent the last twelve years fighting for her sanity. And the doctor who has stood by her side has run out of options.

A small computer tracking spell will find Hannah—but can Witch Central save her?

This is the seventh and final book in the bestselling A Modern Witch series, but have no fear – your favorite characters will be back in September with the launch of the Witch Central series. Lots of witchy love, laughter, and tears yet to come :).

* * *

When I started this book, I was intrigued to see how it would all tie together.  It's unusual and heartbreaking while still being full of hope.  I love how Witch Central rallies to rescue Hannah while trying to stay aware of her needs.  Hannah really touched me.  I've seen people who've lost pieces of themselves- both for the better and for the worse.  Hannah is different without knowing why but manages to hold herself together in hopes of change.  She found her place to belong and was able to begin healing.  

I think many people can relate in some way to Hannah.  While most people's examples aren't as dramatic, many people struggle to find where they belong.  Many lose pieces of themselves along the way.  I love Hannah's story and how she holds on through her challenges.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Swordfights & Lullabies


Swordfights & Lullabies (A Modern Witch #6.5)Swordfights & Lullabies (A Modern Witch, #6.5)
by Debora Geary

Published April 19, 2013

A bachelor curmudgeon, a Celtic witch, and an adorable wee girl with lavender eyes. Join them in the last days of the Swordfights & Lullabies tour - and see what love has wrought.

This is a short read, about the length of two chapters in the Modern Witch series books. Not a short story, really - more like a snapshot. The chance to share a few special moments with some of your favorite witches.

It should be read after A Celtic Witch. Enjoy!

* * *

That sweet girl on the cover could tell you just about everything you need to know about this story. We catch glimpses into a relationship I desperately wanted more of, and couldn't be more thrilled. Unless it was longer, of course.  :)  I'll always take more!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Celtic Witch

A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch, #6)A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch, #6)
by Deobra Geary

Published March 16, 2013

Cassidy Farrell is a world-class Celtic fiddler. And if she has her way, that's exactly who she'll stay.

Except that's not what the rocks have in mind. Or a certain fetching spell. Or the truth working its way free in her own heart.

Can the music, and perhaps a certain grumpy curmudgeon and his baby girl, help Cass find her life's new song?

A Celtic Witch is book six of the top-rated A Modern Witch series. Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave.

* * *
Choosing between these books is like choosing between children - but this one might just be my very favorite of them all.

I adore Cassidy, and the way she interacts with another of my favorite characters, Marcus - and his girl child. Could I love Cassidy because she's a musician? Well, duh. As a musician, I'm able to really relate to her. But that's not the only reason, there are tons of others!

This book reinforces my desire to dive into these books and live amongst the phenomenal characters.

5/5 stars

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Different Witch


A Different Witch (A Modern Witch, #5)A Different Witch (A Modern Witch, #5)
by Debora Geary

Published December 2012

Witch Central welcomes everyone. Or does it?

Twenty months ago, Jamie and Lauren crashed a coven meeting in Chicago - a visit they barely remember. For Beth Landler, it was the moment that fractured her circle and awakened her need for an entirely different kind of magic.

The kind only found in Witch Central. If she can dig up the courage to go.

A Different Witch is book five of the top-rated A Modern Witch series. Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave.

* * *

I'm not quite sure where to start with this one. At first, I'll admit, I was a bit stand-off-ish. Why? Because it hit just a little too close to home for me. But it grew on me quickly, and I read it as quickly as the others. (Which means I was done in a day.)

Beth has Asperger's, which is part of what makes her so different from the witches in the heart of Witch Central. When Beth goes there to learn things she feels a need - and desire - to know, it's hard for some of the members of Witch Central to accept her. Especially Nell, who is kind of the heartbeat of the community. She doesn't want to be unaccepting, but finds certain things very hard to rise above.

As the mother of an autistic child, this book hit on many struggles and judgments/prejudices that are a daily part of life for us. Which is probably why so many tears were shed in the reading of it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Nomadic Witch


A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch, #4)A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch, #4)
by Debora Geary

263 Pages
Published June 21, 2012

Spring brings a traveler to Nova Scotia - a tiny babe who will turn Marcus's life upside down and reincarnate the horrifying events of his past.

Can Marcus find his way through the pain to love and healing? And can the witching community finally learn to keep their astral travelers safe?

A Nomadic Witch is book four of the top-rated A Modern Witch series. Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave.

* * *
Oh, Marcus. The quintessential tortured soul. This book centers around our sad, grouchy witch. (Shh! don't tell - he's one of my very favorite characters!)

In this book, Marcus becomes responsible for a heart-stealing little munchkin. And then has to keep her safe, because she's what's called an astral traveler. Marcus takes it upon himself to protect her - and in the process, protect all astral travelers.

I have to pipe in here with something that doesn't just apply to this book: I LOVE the way Ms. Geary utilizes terms such as "girl child" and "brother/sister of mine," etc. These books are so rich, on so many levels!

5/5 stars

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Witch Central Wedding


A Witch Central Wedding (A Modern Witch #3.5)A Witch Central Wedding (A Modern Witch, #3.5)
by Debora Geary

32 Pages
Published July 30, 2012

It's a Witch Central wedding - and you're invited :).

This is a short read, about the length of two chapters in my series books. Not a short story, really - more like a snapshot. The chance to share in an important moment in the lives of your favorite witches.

This should be read between A Reckless Witch and A Nomadic Witch. Enjoy the wedding!

* * *

I was so glad to find this book!  When A Reckless Witch ended I just needed more!  This book feels like a hug to me- so full of love, joy, and the people we want to share it with.  Lauren's wedding day is depicted so well- I feel like I was there!  This is a must-read for anyone who'd addicted to Witch Central!

5/5 stars

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Reckless Witch


A Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch, #3)A Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch, #3)
by Debora Geary

304 Pages
Published 2011

As a child, Sierra Brighton traveled the world. She swam with the baby whales, danced in storm funnels, and lived in complete magical freedom. And then Momma died and Sierra ended up in foster care, an unhappy and very secret witch.

Fetched by Nell's spell, she'll no longer need to do magic on lonely beaches - but can Sierra learn to use her power safely? Or will her reckless blood put Witch Central at risk?

* * *

I love Sierra's story!  She has such a strong spirit and has stood alone for so long.  I love how she's pulled into the heart of Witch Central and doesn't quite know how to react.  It's hard for anyone to see their faults and learn to change so she's easy to relate to.  I really enjoyed this book!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Hidden Witch


A Hidden Witch (A Modern Witch, #2)A Hidden Witch (A Modern Witch, #2)
by Debora Geary

300 pages
Published 2011

Elorie Shaw, steeped in the traditions of the Nova Scotia witching community, but not a witch. The fetching spell must have goofed this time... or did it? Travel to Fisher's Cove, Nova Scotia, where Moira is matriarch and the old ways are nurtured and passed to the next generation. Where a crotchety old witch makes small children cry and builds walls around the silent pain in his heart. And where Elorie - sea-glass artist, inn owner, and Moira's granddaughter - makes her home. The old magics are strong here. Which is all fine and good until the fetching spell pulls Elorie into Witches' Chat. Because she's not a witch. Or at least not any kind of witch the old ways recognize...

* * *
In this book, my heart immediately went out to Elorie. Always wishing and hoping to be a witch, and never coming into her powers - only to be told by a computer that she really was a witch.

I love that despite her secret desires, Elorie found herself a place in the witching community of Fisher's Cove, Nova Scotia where she was helpful, and needed.

Fisher's Cove is an absolutely amazing place. Yes, I'm speaking as if I've been there! Don't tell me I haven't.  :)  I've spent so much time there in my dreams.

And we meet another of my favorite characters in this book - Marcus, the "crotchety old witch [who] makes small children cry."

There are great things in store in this book!

5/5 stars

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Modern Witch


A Modern Witch (A Modern Witch, #1)A Modern Witch
by Debora Geary

304 Pages
Published 2011

Can you live 28 years without discovering you're a witch? — Lauren is downtown Chicago's youngest elite realtor. She's also a witch. She must be - the fetching spell for Witches' Chat isn't supposed to make mistakes. So says the woman who coded the spell, at least. — The tall, dark, and handsome guy sent to assess her is a witch too (and no, that doesn't end the way you might think). What he finds in Lauren will change lives, mess with a perfectly good career, and require lots of ice cream therapy.

* * *

A Modern Witch is the fun, magical adventure of a young realtor/newbie witch, her best friend and the witching community seeking to help her discover her talents.  They are such wonderful characters- I want them to be real so I can be their friend too!  I love that the setting is now, with the witches blending modern life and the traditions fitting a magical heritage.  I will definitely be reading the next book... and the next... and the next...

5/5 stars

Saturday, October 12, 2013



Paperback240 pages
Published June 1st 1998 by Puffin (first published 1988)

Matilda is a little girl who is far too good to be true. At age five-and-a-half she's knocking off double-digit multiplication problems and blitz-reading Dickens. Even more remarkably, her classmates love her even though she's a super-nerd and the teacher's pet. But everything is not perfect in Matilda's world. For starters she has two of the most idiotic, self-centered parents who ever lived. Then there's the large, busty nightmare of a school principal, Mrs. ("The") Trunchbull, a former hammer-throwing champion who flings children at will and is approximately as sympathetic as a bulldozer. Fortunately for Matilda, she has the inner resources to deal with such annoyances: astonishing intelligence, saintly patience, and an innate predilection for revenge.

She warms up with some practical jokes aimed at her hapless parents, but the true test comes when she rallies in defense of her teacher, the sweet Miss Honey, against the diabolical Trunchbull. There is never any doubt that Matilda will carry the day. Even so, this wonderful story is far from predictable. Roald Dahl, while keeping the plot moving imaginatively, also has an unerring ear for emotional truth. The reader cares about Matilda because in addition to all her other gifts, she has real feelings.


This is such a fun story with colorful characters and a great plot!  The writing is descriptive and brings the story alive.  It's a kid's dream- to suddenly have the magic to take on the evil adults in their lives.  I love it!

5/5 stars

Friday, October 11, 2013

To Have and To Code


To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch 0.5)To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch, #0.5)
by Debora Geary

364 Pages
Published September 12, 2012

Nell Sullivan is fiery, easily distracted by cookies, and doomed to wear the peach monstrosity at her best friend’s wedding.

And she’s a witch.

Daniel Walker is a former baseball player turned bored hacker looking for a challenge. Hacking Nell's online gaming world is going to get him a lot more than he bargained for.

A prophecy says they will make babies together – but when it comes to the love life of a modern witch and a hacker, prophecy might not get a vote.

* * *

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book.  These characters have been my friends and I didn't want to be disappointed by their younger days.  I shouldn't have been worried- I completely loved this book!  The story was fun and made me love the characters even more.  The prophecy added another aspect that made the story addicting!  I definitely recommend this one!

5/5 stars

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Always a Witch (revisited)

Always a Witch (Witch #2)

Published August 1st 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The adventures of Tam and Gabriel continue with more time travel, Talents, spy work, and of course, the evil Knights.

Since the gripping conclusion of Once A Witch, Tamsin Greene has been haunted by her grandmother's prophecy that she will soon be forced to make a crucial decision—one so terrible that it could harm her family forever. When she discovers that her enemy, Alistair Knight, went back in time to Victorian-era New York in order to destroy her family, Tamsin is forced to follow him into the past. Stranded all alone in the nineteenth century, Tamsin soon finds herself disguised as a lady's maid in the terrifying mansion of the evil Knight family, avoiding the watchful eye of the vicious matron, La Spider, and fending off the advances of Liam Knight. As time runs out, both families square off in a thrilling display of magic. And to her horror, Tamsin finally understands the nature of her fateful choice.


I didn't realize this book was part of a series so I hadn't read the first book. That having been said, Always a Witch can totally stand alone. I never felt like I was missing background information or details that would've changed my experience with this book. The plot is really fun and creative with lots of unique lines. While I was reading, I was asked a few times what was so funny because I was laughing out loud! It was fun to see the variety and different natures of the Talents held by the characters. I love how the prophecy given by Tamsin's grandmother drives the story, answers long-held questions and ultimately ties together Tamsin's past, present and future. Even though I know how the story ends, I am definitely reading the first book, Once a Witch, as soon as I can!

4/5 stars

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Once a Witch (revisited)

Once a Witch (Witch #1)

Hardcover, 292 pages
Published September 14th 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Tamsin Greene comes from a long line of witches, and she was supposed to be one of the most Talented among them. But Tamsin's magic never showed up. Now seventeen, Tamsin attends boarding school in Manhattan, far from her family. But when a handsome young professor mistakes her for her very Talented sister, Tamsin agrees to find a lost family heirloom for him. The search—and the stranger—will prove to be more sinister than they first appeared, ultimately sending Tamsin on a treasure hunt through time that will unlock the secret of her true identity, unearth the sins of her family, and unleash a power so vengeful that it could destroy them all. This is a spellbinding display of storytelling that will exhilarate, enthrall, and thoroughly enchant.


Overall, I really enjoyed Once a Witch. The first chapters set the stage for the plot but seemed a little slow to me. To be fair, that could be because I read the sequel, Always a Witch first so I was ready to jump in with the fun style which develops later in the first book and continues in the second. You can find my review of Always a Witch here. The plot is fun and the characters are personable. I think many people can relate to Tamsin, the main character. She doesn't quite fit in the world she's born into and is searching for a way to find her own life while looking for a way to be accepted by her family. I liked the plot development and by the end I was hooked!

4/5 stars

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

by Elizabeth George Speare

First published 1958

Orphaned Kit Tyler knows, as she gazes for the first time at the cold, bleak shores of Connecticut Colony, that her new home will never be like the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind. In her relatives' stern Puritan community, she feels like a tropical bird that has flown to the wrong part of the world, a bird that is now caged and lonely. The only place where Kit feels completely free is in the meadows, where she enjoys the company of the old Quaker woman known as the Witch of Blackbird Pond, and on occasion, her young sailor friend Nat. But when Kit's friendship with the "witch" is discovered, Kit is faced with suspicion, fear, and anger. She herself is accused of witchcraft!


The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a classic that I throughly enjoy every time I read it!  It's one of those timeless books about a girl struggling to find her place in the world she finds herself in.  I love how the friendships develop and shape her life- so true for all of us.  

5/5 stars 

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Witches (Revisited)

The Witches