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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Other Words (From Books Over Boys)

Okay, I'm just gonna start by saying: if you don't read Books Over Boys, you should!

This is the first part of their post from today (to read the whole thing, click here):

I've had this idea or curiosity brewing in my mind for a while now but I just never got to asking you so while I was in the shower, where all my genius ideas come from, it came to the front of my mind and I had to make a post.

I know that when someone asks you who your favorite YA guy's generally very hard to choose because you know, you can't just have one! Ha! Now, I've never read The Hunger Games series but I think *runs to Goodreads to retrieve the summary* OK, I'm back! So there's the annual Hunger Games where one boy and girl have to go in and...yeah. So, I was curious, say a battle like this occurred and if you have to call forth seven guys under the categories of 1.) Vampire, 2.) Angel, 3.) Werewolf, 4.) Faerie, 5.) Human, 6.) Gods (Greek mythology related) and 7.) Demon - who would you choose?!

In other words, who are your number one top favorites under each of those categories? Or in some other other words, who would you call forward to defend your honor?

Here are mine:

1.) Vampire - Laylen from the Fallen Star Series. Because, well, I just read it and I seriously want more of him. Besides, not only is he a vamp, but he's also a trained Keeper.

2.) Angel - Will from Angelfire. Um, do I even have to explain this?

3.) Werewolf - Jacob Black from Twilight series. Because I saw the movie. I was so not team Jacob from the books, but the movie? 'Nother story altogether.

4.) Faerie - I don't know on this one. I guess I just don't pay enough attention to the Fae. Shame on me!

5.) Regular human - Peeta from Hunger Games. Just because when he sets out to save someone, he holds nothing back.

6.) Gods - Umm. I'll get back to you on that.

7.) Demon - No idea. Guess I'd better look into it!

Okay, I know, I should have someone in all the categories. Let me think on it for a while!
Who would you choose, and why?

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