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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Graham J. Sharpe
Published September 7th 2011 by Sharpe Tale Publishing

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

After a purple storm sweeps around Planet Earth, stealing millions of people, four teenagers struggle to make it alone in London.
Drawn together by a series of bizarre coincidences, Ellie, Midge, Scott and Marty soon find themselves entangled with a bunch of interfering pensioners. Among the cast of players are flamboyant hairdresser Mr Rupert, Pearl the loud-mouthed tea lady, and June, a psychic, who travels the world on her motorbike.
As the tranquillizing effects of the Purple diminish, greed and the lust for power take hold. Penny Treasure, leader of the Decision Makers Council, dreams up an idea that could destroy the world forever.
In a desperate hunt to find the missing, clues are pieced together and some shocking secrets come tumbling out of the closet.


I love this book!  The story line takes unexpected paths and kept me hooked!  The characters felt like people I could know.  They were quirky and fun, very original and had real problems that didn't always have solutions.  Their unique journeys all come together to tell a story of awakening and reaching outside of ones-self.  I love how the characters are compelled to look past the expectations they have of others and discover what's really there.  The setting was so creative and impossible, but the writing made everything seem plausible.  It made me think differently about the world.  There are some really great quotes in Purple- some hilarious, others hopeful or wise.  The messages in the story are very pertinent to life today.  This is a book I'll read again and I recommend it to youth of all ages!

5/5 stars

Check back on Jan. 17th for a guest post from this fun author, Graham J. Sharpe!

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