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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guest Post from Author Graham J. Sharpe

Today we have author Graham J. Sharpe stopping by. His book, Purple, is a creative fantasy novel that you should definitely check out.  Here's a link to our review.

Finding a Creative Outlet

Getting things off our chest can sometimes be the most liberating feeling a human can have and it can be as simple as writing, painting, drawing, or dancing…whatever type of creative outlet is right for you.

Writing is a passion of mine and it took me years to allow myself to own that. After I stopped writing and producing with a touring theater group I began working as a flight attendant. Eventually, I realized that I really missed having a creative outlet. Now, I combine travel with writing and after completing my first novel Purple I finally feel like I’m following my passion.

When I started using my down time from flying to write, I simply began jotting down stories and memories from my life. I found it to be fun and therapeutic. The plot for Purple took time to grow and mature an in the beginning I had no idea how it would develop. After three years of writing I had the rough draft of a story that excited me. Four years later, I finished Purple.

Working for an airline can sometimes be distracting. The travelling and flying (not to mention the constant jetlag) also explain why it took me a few years to write Purple. There were periods of time when I left it alone, but I’d always come back to it. Some people manage to work to a deadline, but I think it’s important not to give yourself a set due date when you’re doing something creative.

Writing was, and still is, my creative outlet. I’m lucky enough to have turned it into a career even though I’ve doubted myself. I always thought to myself, “Who am I to write a book?” but the sad reality is that so many people with degrees are struggling to find jobs. If you’re like me and don’t have a university degree don’t let that stand in your way of doing what you love.

If you are ever in a rut or feel like a part of you is being taken away by society, I suggest taking a step back and reflecting on your life and your surroundings and learning from it. Allowing myself the time to indulge in something I feel passionate about has been great for my self-esteem and confidence. 
Creative outlets can help us tie up the loose ends in our life or, at the least, help us to clear our head. For me, the thing I love is writing. I love to sit and write and get lost in a world that I’ve created. Get lost in your own world – you’ll be thankful you did. 

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