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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Princess Curse

The Princess Curse
by Merrie Haskell

328 pages
Published September 6, 2011

Twelve princesses suffer from a puzzling (if silly) curse, and anyone who ends it will win a reward. Reveka, a sharp-witted and irreverent apprentice herbalist, wants that reward. But her investigations lead to deeper mysteries and a daunting choice—will she break the curse at the peril of her own soul?


My husband saw this book and suggested I might like it. He was right, of course! I enjoy fairytale adaptations. This is a mix of Twelve Dancing Princesses and Beauty and the Beast, with some mythology mixed in.

The heroine of our story is not one of the cursed princesses. In fact, she thinks the curse is silly: every morning, the princesses have worn holes in their slippers. Anyone who tries to discover the cause of this either disappears completely, or falls into a sleep from which they never wake. Ever.

Does this deter Reveka from her dream of winning the dowry promised to any girl who can discover the root of the curse? Of course not! The apprentice herbalist has plans for that money.

The Princess Curse is a quick read, and thoroughly enjoyable.

4/5 stars

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