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Monday, February 17, 2014

Bats in Between (Parakeet Princess #2)

Bats in Between (Parakeet Princess #2)
by Jandy Branch

ebook246 pages
Published September 1st 2012 (first published August 31st 2012)

In her final year of high school in the small "Mormon town" of Upton, Heather MacLean seems to be doing just fine. Even though she's still considered the new-girl, she's feeling more at home. She's dating her dream boy, Ben Jones, and she's on track to become the town's first female valedictorian. But when Ben leaves town to go to university in the capital city, Heather is left to make friends with Aaron, the town's resident gloomy vampire-boy. Will she make it out of high school unscathed? Follow Heather through the sequel to "Parakeet Princess" as she navigates the perils of mandatory gym class, a long distance relationship, and finding out the hard way what love is not. This is a clean, uplifting story about growth and girl-power. Set in the 1990s, it has something to offer older readers looking to see reflections of their own experiences. 


I liked this book even more than the first.  It's easy to relate to Heather as she's torn between friends and choices.  The high school drama is fun and the characters and very believable!

4/5 stars

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  1. This cover is very eye-catching. Happy to hear that you liked this one even more than the first. I love when that happens. :) Thanks for sharing!