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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lair of the Serpent Blog Tour

We're excited to be part of the Lair of the Serpent Blog Tour!  

Lair of the Serpent: Tombs of Terror Series


Paperback352 pages
Published June 11th 2013 by Sweetwater Books
This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

A humanitarian trip to Cambodia turns deadly when Delilah, a young medical volunteer, is kidnapped. When Jonathon arrives in the jungle and discovers that his friend is missing, he recruits the locals to search for her. Every clue points to the followers of the Naga Mani--- a sacred stone with legendary powers that only work with a human sacrifice. With time running out, it's up to Jonathon to rescue Delilah.


I wasn't sure what I would think of this book but I was hooked from the beginning.  The Lair of the Serpent is an action-packed adventure to rescue a young humanitarian worker.  The characters are believable and really drew me in.  The devotion of the rescuers and their reactions to the various circumstances they find themselves in are believable and make for a great story!   

You can find the author here:
Twitter account, @TLynnAdams

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