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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Protectors

The Protectors (The Protectors Saga, book 1)
by P. M. Dooling

Published September 4, 2011

This book was provided to us by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Every 16-year old thinks they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. For Avery Kimball this was actually true…she just didn’t know it yet. Life for Avery was completely normal, attending school, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her family. Until the day she finds out that she and her four closest friends have a destiny that will take them far away from their comfortable and safe lives on Earth. Avery learns that she and her friends are actually a group of powerful warriors known as the Protectors, who were charged with protecting the planet of Orcatia, but were killed by the evil Emperor. To save their lives, their magical mentor sent them to Earth to be re-born. It is now their duty to return to the planet and life they have no memory of, and once again serve as its Protectors, fighting the very Emperor responsible for their deaths. Along the way, Avery must contend with battling malevolent creatures, her sometimes fragile relationships with her friends and fellow Protectors, her attraction to the mysterious King of Nightfell, and her own doubts and fears about who she truly is and who she can become.

* * *

This was a great story, with tons of adventure. The action never lagged, and I came to love all the girls, especially Avery.

When the book opens, we're plopped right in a life-or-death situation, which easily grabbed my attention. If I have a complaint here, it's that I didn't get a chance to care about the girls before this. Avery's sacrifice would have meant so much more if I already cared. That said, it was a great way to start!

After a while, we jump to the Protectors as teenage girls on Earth. They're funny and smart, and so normal. Then, they all give up the lives they like to fight and protect people they don't know. How many of us would do that? I'm afraid that number would be small!

I loved watching the group train, and come to realize that they really can make a difference. {{Impatient foot tapping}} I want the next one. Now, please!

I would highly recommend this to any fantasy/adventure lover!

4/5 stars

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