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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Feature: Four Girls and a Compact

Four Girls and a Compact

by Annie Donnell
Written 1908
"T. O. was apt to be late. She never rode, and, being short, was not a remarkable walker. To-night she was later than usual. The three other girls got into kimonos and slippers and prepared tea. In all their minds the Grand Plan was fomenting, and it was not easy to wait. A cheer greeted T. O. as she came in, wet and weary and cheerful."

This story is so sweet! From the info I could find, I believe it was written in 1908 and reflects the time frame well. The writing style reminds me of Louisa May Alcott. It's the story of four girls that are burned out in their current life situations and decide they need an adventure. They form a plan and follow it through, intending to be throughly selfish. While their own needs are met, their true characters come through as they all do good for others. It's a quick and very endearing read! The story is available free on the web- including the Amazon Kindle store. I will definitely read this one again!

5/5 stars

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