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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guardians Blog Tour and Interview

We're really excited to be a stop on the Guardians Blog Tour today!

Guardians is the final book of the Seers Trilogy, and it's certainly worth the read.

Guardians (Seers, #3)Guardians (Seers, #3)
by Heather Frost

384 Pages
Published July 9, 2013

A vision of Kate's death causes Patrick to intensify his duties as Guardian. The Demon Lord is especially relentless now that Kate is the only Seer to ever escape his grasp. When Patrick discovers that Kate is the key to defeating their greatest enemy, he must choose between sacrificing the girl he loves or letting the Demon Lord win. You won't be able to put this final installment in the Seers trilogy down.

* * *

My Review:

Well, first I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of this cover. Out of all of them, I liked the cover to Demons (book #2) the best. However, I can get past that.

Demons left us hanging with an ominous experience that tortures Patrick for much of this book -- but it's done very well, we don't get a lot of boo-hoo-ing, just great brooding looks (since he's trying to keep this all from Kate).

I'm very hesitant to say too much, because this book could easily be ruined by spoilers. So, I'll just say this: This book continues with the fantastic cast of characters, and adds some new ones. There are a lot of very emotional moments, and poor Patrick has to go through a lot (they all do, really, but since I enjoyed watching Patrick go through this -- yes, I'm a horrible person -- I'm focusing on him). The ending is very satisfying. Now go read it.

Ms. Frost was generous enough to agree to an interview, and gives us a little peek into her world!

* What part of writing Guardians was the most exciting? The most challenging?

     The climax was certainly the most exciting, because it is the most emotional section of the book. I'm happiest when I'm right there with the characters -- when their feelings are my feelings, and my sole purpose in that moment is to describe the indescribable;  that's when I'm happiest as a writer, and "Guardians" is full of those moments. The tension just keeps climbing, for just about the entire second half of the book, and writing my characters' final battles was really an exhilarating experience. As for the most challenging, it's sort of a toss-up between the beginning and the end; in the beginning I just wanted to dive right into the action, but I had to pace my characters. But wrapping up a story is hard enough -- saying goodbye to characters I've worked with over the course of a trilogy was just plain hard. And even though they're still very much alive to me, it was a bit difficult finding the perfect balance in the ending.

* There are some great emotional moments in this book. Do you have a favorite?

     That's a really hard question! Without completely spoiling the story, I have to say that my favorite emotional moments are when Patrick's suffering. Seriously, I feel terrible saying that, but whenever I write or read over the scenes he is in emotional agony, my heart melts, my gut twists, and I'm fighting tears in seconds. Whether he's begging something from Kate, or trying to find purpose after losing so many people he loves, I find myself very drawn to those moments.

* What's the hardest part of setting these characters aside now that the trilogy's ending?

     I'm going to miss the friendships. The cast of characters in the Seers Trilogy are very alive to me, but also to each other. I never had to struggle for dialogue, because each character had a strong voice and opinion, and they interacted with each other so effortlessly.

* Imagine a shelf holding every book you've ever read. You can only choose one to save, and won't ever be able to re-read the ones you don't pick. Which one would you keep?

     I wish my Nook counted, because I'd keep that! I hate questions like this, because my favorite book tends to be the one I'm reading at the time. So going off of that, I'd choose "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell, which I'm reading right now.

* Knowing you're a Whovian: If the Doctor showed up and offered to take you to any one time/place, when/where would you go (or would you just spend days exploring the TARDIS)?

     I love this question so much, it's almost ridiculous! I wouldn't be too picky, honestly, but if asked by the Doctor, I would love to explore medieval times on Earth. I've always wanted to live back then, despite all the dirtiness, violence, lack of modern conveniences, etc. After strolling through a medieval village and visiting an occupied castle, I'd be up for anything.

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