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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blud and Magick Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blud and Magick Blog Tour!

Blud and Magick264 pages
Published January 8, 2013

Born from the ashes of the most fierce and powerful entity in all of Trivaesia, Darla was sent to grow up in the outside world with no knowledge of where she came from. When she finds herself wielding new power, she must decide which part of her will rule her heart—the evil from which she was born or the good by which she was raised.

* * *

This book gave me a bit of a pause. The writing was interesting, the story kept moving, it was a quick, easy read. But it was a bit strange.

Every type of supernatural being you can imagine made an appearance -- which worked, but I know a number of people who would be annoyed by this. So, if you're the kind of person who feels it's best to choose two or three of these creatures to focus on, this book may not be fore you. (Then again, this book may just open your horizons a bit.)

I liked Darla, I thought she was a great character. Usually, I get grouchy when I read books where the MC has a lot of dreams that we're forced to "see". (Really, dreams are WAY overdone.) There are dreams in this book -- nightmares, to be more exact -- but it's done in a way that really works.

If you like YA stories dealing with supernaturals, this book was written with you in mind.

4/5 stars

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